Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to Care German Shorthaired Pointer Dog

German shorthaired pointer dog has a short mantle and flat bottom layer consists of dense and protective mantle. The mantle is made by rigid, waterproof hair, and a combination of the compact layer and the protective mantle of German shorthaired pointer making water suitable for cold conditions. This will address the winter much better than dogs like English Pointer and the same bloodline. Mantle, short flat require very little care and brushing is enough sometimes. Often bathrooms are not considered fast German shorthaired pointer dog treatment, because bathing tends to make the hair and dry skin. Just like other dogs with big, floppy ears, German shorthaired pointer prone to ear infections and regularly clean the ears and check for signs of disease because it is an important part of the treatment of German shorthaired pointer dog.

The German shorthaired pointer puppy is an interesting creature, but before you decide to get one you have to ask yourself if you are willing and able to treat a dog for the next 15 years or more, and if the German shorthaired pointer is the perfect breeding ground for you. Getting a puppy dog ​​German shorthaired pointer is not a good idea unless you are a very active outside, due to the lack of adequate sports tend to make German shorthaired pointer hyperactive and they can develop long string of destructive behavior. German shorthaired pointer will also require large amounts of training and breed can be difficult to handle for inexperienced dog owners. Dog puppy German shorthaired pointer because it is not recommended as a first dog, unless of course you are willing to read a lot, seek advice from a more experienced keeper German shorthaired pointer, register in class and so on.

German shorthaired pointer puppy grew up to be a gun, and so will love the type of training. This is actually one of the very few hunting descendant who can perform almost all tasks Gundog, from pointing and taking into scenting. This is a large plateau bird dog and water dog, and will perform well in rough terrain. It has been successfully used for hunting large animals and even dangerous. It comes as no surprise that dogs are bred to be versatile smart dog that can work and solve their own problems, without looking at his handler. When it comes to dog training German shorthaired pointer, but some owners find it difficult to deal with the independence and autonomy offense for stupidity. With the right type of dog training German shorthaired pointer breed is very trainable but one can think to do various tasks.

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