Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Breeds Cocker Spaniel Dog

When it comes to Cocker Spaniel dog breeding, the English Cocker have saved a little bigger than many Americans. Features that distinguish the other is head Setter-like long, narrow and more. To dog shows, the color may vary from country to country, but for pets and working dogs natural color is not too important. Some hunters are more Cockers but with white markings as this makes it easier to see the dogs for hunting.

The English Cocker Spaniel is generally a healthy dog, but there are some health problems that are known and because it's important to remain serious and knowledgeable Cocker Spaniel dog breeders who know how to promote good health in the breed. Because Cocker Spaniel are very popular breed, there is unfortunately no sincere breeders who only aim to produce puppies as much as possible without regard to physical or mental health. There are also Cocker Spaniel dog breeders are only focused on external appearances in pure type, and this type of farming can cause aggressive Cockers. The main health problems are present in the breed Cocker Spaniel English is kidney disease, epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy and hip dysplasia.

Price Cocker Spaniel puppy the right to differ significantly from the breeders to the farmers, and also between different parts of the world. Provide general recommendations since it's not possible. The key is to compare the existing farmers as distinct from each other and find out what you really get your money. Sometimes Cocker Spaniel dog price will be high because farmers have invested a lot of money in vet checked acquire the elderly and create a high quality kennel, but in other situations Cocker Spaniel dog high prices just because the seller is greedy dog-mill owner. Do not forget to ask for proof of animal testing, vaccination and de-worming before you decide where to buy a puppy breeder you. A Cocker Spaniel price healthy dog ​​can be expected to live 12-14 years.

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