Sunday, December 30, 2012

Deafness in Dogs

Deafness in dogs can be obtained or something puppies born with. Congenital deaf (something puppies born with) can be genetic or caused by something that occurred during fetal development, such as infection in the mother. Chronic infection and drugs can lead to deafness in dogs, and age-related deaf also very common - such as the dog owner.

Breed-specific deafness prevalence in dogs

Some dogs are more prone to breeds congenital deaf than others. A study conducted on more than 5000 Dalmatians do to set an example that nearly 22 percent of them were unilaterally deaf, and 8 percent bilaterally deaf. Another example of the types of dogs with an increased risk for deaf is a Bull Terrier. In this type, silvery white terrier far more prone to deafness than with colored Bull Terriers.

Causes of sudden onset of deafness in dogs

When the dog suddenly deaf, can be caused by various reasons. It should also be noted that the deaf may not be as sharp sharp as you think, dogs are good at balancing the hearing capacity gradually decreased and can take care of the dog owners in the dark for long periods of time. One day will be so severe hearing loss until no longer possible for a dog to balance and dog owners will think that the dog had "suddenly" turn deaf. An important thing to remember is that even if one side of the problem can cause complete deafness, because the dog may have been deaf in one ear since birth without the owner ever noticed.

Ear Inflamation

Infection of the middle ear or the inside can cause temporary or permanent deafness. Always consult with your vet to get the right treatment for your dog and prevent deafness.

Middle ear infections in dogs can produce "raw" living there even after the infection is over, and the material is blocking the transmission of voice and make the dog more or less deaf. Eventually, the body will get rid of this dirt from the ear but can be time consuming.


Many different drugs can cause deafness by destroying the cochlear hair cells. (The drug can also create unbalanced dog and her walk in a circle, italic, and so on.) Drugs containing aminoglycoside antibiotics is one example of drugs that can cause deafness. Examples of antibiotics include gentamicin, neomisin, kanamisin, and tobramycin. Because of this risk, it is usually only used antibiotics is a very serious case where the dog will die without this treatment.

Containing chlorhexidine cleansing can produce deafness, but cleaning is no longer commonly used.


A loud noise can cause temporary hearing impairment or long-term in dogs. In order to reduce the transmission of sound to the ears of the sensitive, the muscles in the middle ear dogs will always shrink by reflex. Very sharp voice - like guns - but too fast for the ear to respond and sensitive part of the ear can suffer. Repeated exposure to firearms, fireworks and the like can cause cumulative hearing loss for dogs.

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