Saturday, December 1, 2012

Breeds Pug Dog

According to the American Kennel Club standard, Pug dog breeding purposes should expand even tempered and stable dog with great charm and loving position. Pug dog should also play and out, and exude a sense of self-esteem. Eyes should be attentive and lustrous, and when Pug would love them to be full of fire. 

When it comes to general appearance, the body should be square and compact. Muscles should be well developed and dogs ideally should weigh 14-18 pounds. According to the AKC standard dog breeding Pug, Pug head perfectly without depressions large and massive skull. Pug wrinkles natural features should be large and deep. Eyes should be very large and prominent, and should also globular in shape and dark in color. Ear should be soft like velvet and can come in two forms: a rose or button. They form button is higher than thought roses. 

When choosing between the many dog ​​breeders Pug very important to do your research and choose one that has a reputation. There are many great Pug dog breeders out there, but there are also quite a few careless breeders and dog owners a virtual factory. Pug breed terkendala the long string of serious health problems and the purchase of Pug dog breeders who strive to only use healthy elderly people because it's very important. 

Pug dog is one of the few descendants tend to develop demodectic sores (Demodex). Dogs suffering from this condition have a weakened immune system. If your Pug dogs develop mild version, can be cured if you take her to the vet in time. Pug dog enough but will develop some form of systemic scabies and demodectic is far more difficult to manage. Serious Pug dog breeders to breed dogs will avoid suffering demodectic sores. 

The Pug Dog Encephalitis feared (PDE) is a chronic form of granulomatous meningoencephalitis, encephalitis dog. This situation is believed to have genetic and no cure. A Pug Pug Dog Encephalitis that develop will usually die within a few months after the first symptoms begin to show, or previous euthanasia to save her from suffering. 

Pug Dogs tend hemivertebrae, a problem that belongs to other dogs like Boxer and Bulldog. Screwtail is the most common example of hemivertebrae, but the condition can occur in other parts of the spine and then will naturally cause serious problems for dogs. In many cases it will cause severe paralysis and the dog will be put to sleep. Purchase of Pug dog breeders who strive to cleanse breed from health problems that wreck because it was very organized. 

Less serious but still very painful is a condition known as entropion, where the eyelids from Pug folds into. Will eyelashes rub against the cornea at any time and cause serious pain, discomfort and decreased vision. In Pug dog, entropion is usually caused by genetic factors but also can be caused by infection trachoma. 

Pug Dogs are known for being stubborn, and because of that you should be more hard-headed if you want to achieve success Pug dog training. Profit is that Pug dog is a very friendly dog, especially bred to shower their owners with unlimited amount of attention and affection. If you play a Pug dog training be exhilarating event Pug dog when you will have your full attention, so you can end up with highly trained Pug. Pug dogs are fun and smart and both invaluable nature Pug dog training. Pug dogs are sensitive to the tone of your voice, and harsh punishment because it is not recommended. Compliments are generally much more effective than punishment for Pug dog training.

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