Tuesday, January 29, 2013

White Dog Shaker Syndrome in dog

What is White Dog Shaker syndrome?

White dog shaker syndrome causes full body tremors in small, white dog race. It is known by a similar name a few, such as "Shaker Dog Syndrome" and "Little White Shakers Syndrome". Lineage dogs most often affected are the West Highland White Terrier, Bichon Frise dogs, Maltese dogs, and Poodles - all small enough offspring.

The reason behind White dog syndrome is still not fully understood hook, but one theory suggests that this problem is caused by an autoimmune deficiency that caused general neurotransmitters. The resulting long autoimmune means that the dog was attacked by its own immune system. When dogs suffer white dog syndrome shaker have their cerebrospinal fluid analysis, it will quite often reveal a very high number of lymphocytes.

Symptoms white dog shaker syndrome

The first symptoms of the syndrome White dog shaker will usually appear when the dog is around 1-2 years, and will attack dogs often come when stressed. (White dog beater syndrome can appear in dogs but not more than 6 months, while the other dog is more than 3 years at the time of their first episode.)

White hook dog syndrome symptoms including nystagmus (eye movement intentionally), trouble walking, and cramps. The disease gets its name from the vibrations that can affect the whole body of the dog. Dogs with white dog syndrome can suffer hook intention tremor, which means that the vibration is worse when dogs are happy or are trying to perform a specific task. Task should not be difficult, can be as simple meals. When the dog stops trying and decided to take a break, tremor will diminish or disappear altogether.

White dog syndrome hook does not hurt to dogs, and do not affect the mental state of your dog.

In most dogs, dog syndrome symptoms become worse White hook for 1-3 days and they remain at the same level until the dog treated by a vet.

White dog shaker syndrome diagnose

The vet will make diagnose based on symptoms displayed by your dog, and your vet will also examine your dog to eliminate other potential reasons behind this kind of symptoms. Dogs that suffer from dog syndrome White hook will usually have spinal reflexes and higher normal motor function, cranial nerve function, and awareness of foot position.

White dog shaker treatment syndrome

A dog suffering from hook white dog syndrome can be treated with benzodiazepines, which can control the symptoms, and corticosteroids, which may lead to remission. Most vets will use these two drugs together to treat dogs with White dog shaker syndrome.

In most situations, the vet will give the dog a high dose of medication to begin with, and then gradually reduce the dose over several weeks. Even if your dog looks really recover you can not stop treatment without consulting your vet, because the symptoms can reappear if treatment ended prematurely.

Dogs who receive early treatment is usually going to be better and fully recover within a week. Treatment for life but can be required to keep the problem under control