Saturday, January 26, 2013

English Pointer Dog Description

Pointer Trail back from 300 years of English history. It is used to catch rabbits and birds. This should be athletic and graceful. Effects should be immediately created from a compact, hard-driving hunting dog watch, and "ready for release." Its main distinguishing feature of this type of head, feet, and tail. Hound or terrier characteristics are undesirable for show purposes.
Grooming an English Pointer not time consuming. The mantle is very short and requires only a quick scrub with a soft brush to minimize shedding.

The standard dye Pointer are liver and white, lemon and white, orange and white or black and white. Lemon & white dog has a flesh colored nose, while the orange & white, liver & white, and black & white dog has a dark (black or very dark brown) pigmentation on the nose. They also probably one of the above as a solid color, the body most especially white pointer, but there may be some signs of the body.

Most countries breed standards prefer symmetry and balance of the perfect size, and most will allow a number of variations if the size of the dog does not overwhelm in the field. The estimation of measurement in the United States, from the Pointer standard, are as follow: 
Males60–70 cm25–28 in25–34 kg55–75 lb
Females58–66 cm23–26 in20–30 kg45–65 lb
However, the English Kennel Club sizes are Female 24-26 in and males 25-27 in.


Pointer even-tempered, pleasant dog, living room as part of the family happy. Pointer loving and loyal. Their aggression level is very low to non-existent and they can happily coexist with other dogs and often cats. They usually are not territorial, although their size and bark will scare most people who come to their door. Pointer is very good with children, although young children and a clumsy young Pointer are often not the best combination.

Meanwhile Pointer dog bred to be a hunter, they are very satisfied given adequate training by other means. Because they ran breed, regular exercise is important for them, as for all the generations of sports. A good size, enclosed courtyard is a must to keep a Pointer safe, because they are bred to hunt a good distance from their people. When leaving for the day, they are usually done in the best room. Pointer "couch potato" habit family enjoy relaxing in a chair or sofa. This is a natural part of their desire to feel a part of the pack.