Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fungal Infections in Dogs

Fungi that dog attack

When we were here fungi says, most of us picture fungi, fungi and yeast bread may in our thoughts, but also mushroom can cause disease in dogs and humans. fungi responsible for general ringworm in dogs. As you can already guess it, the fungi that infects dogs will not result in the emergence of a cute little parasol fungi with a red cap and white spots on your dog - not fungi will cause anything from mild skin irritation up to damage internal organs shut down.

Pathogenic fungi vs opportunistic fungi  in dogs

Fungi that causes disease in dogs can be a wide place in two distinct categories: opportunistic fungi and  pathogenic fungi. Pathogenic fungi species are able to cause infection in healthy dogs, whereas opportunistic fungi causing disease in dogs that have been weakened by something else, such as viral or bacterial infections, stress due to incorrect treatment of dogs, malnutrition, old age, so wounds. Histoplasmosis, Blastomycosis, Coccidioidomycosis and Cryptococcosis is an example of a disease caused by the pathogenic fungi and is generally seen in healthy dogs. Aspergillosis and Candidiasis is an example of a disease caused by opportunistic fungi and is commonly seen in dogs weakened by something else. Prolonged administration of antimicrobial, including antibiotics, appear to increase the risk of opportunistic fungi infections in dogs.

Symptoms and diagnosis of fungal diseases in dogs

The symptoms of fungal disease in dogs will naturally vary depending on the exact and the microbes that cause systemic infections is still limited to specific parts of the body of a dog. Gross lesions generally associated with fungal disease in dogs, but they are certainly not the only symptom.

In order to provide a definite diagnosis, your vet can do a culture and hopefully determine the organisms that are behind the problems experienced by your dog. Microscopic identification is also possible. In some cases, the symptoms will clear enough to determine the culprit and select appropriate treatment. In other situations, serologic testing is recommended.

Anti-fungi treatment for dogs

Anti-fungi treatment that is recommended for your dog will depend on the fungi that causes the problem, how much the disease has spread, and the general health of your dog. In general, mold infections in dogs were processed locally, for example by using an anti-fungi cream to the affected area, or systemic, such as by giving the dog an anti-fungi medication orally or by injection. In some cases, surgery will be required.

Preventing fungal disease in dogs

Preventing fungal disease in dogs can be complicated, because fungi are found throughout the world. fungi even happen as a natural part of living microscopic flora on our skin. But there are some things a dog owner can do. Because land is the main source of infection for many diseases fungi, you can keep your dog away from the land where the harmful fungi known to happen. fungi cause Blastomycosis in dogs are known to occur in wet and sandy river bank. Keep your dog away from the nest and places where many birds defecate is also a good idea, as these places can contain many fungi spread, including Histoplasomosis. Stains can also be contaminated bat and let your dog run around in the bat cave is not recommended. In the south-western part of the United States, the risk is very high Coccidioimycosis arrest after storm with a lot of rainfall.

Fungi can enter your dog in a variety of different ways, including inhaled, drunk from contaminated stagnation, or ingested through contaminated food. Cuts can also be a point of entry for the fungi.


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