Monday, April 15, 2013

Congenital Vertebral Anomalies in Dog

Congenital vertebral anomalies is the medical term for spine problems is when a puppy is born. A congenital defect or abnormality is characteristic that the puppy was born with, which is a condition that there is at birth. Many hereditary and congenital malformations caused by genetic factors, but they can also be a result of something that happened when the puppy is still in the womb. A pregnant bitch or become infected with certain viral infections, including herpes, can for example produce puppies with congenital malformations. Environmental factors such as poisoning or malnutrition can also cause congenital malformations.

The vertebral term used to describe something related to the spine, which is one of a chain of bones forming the backbone of the dog. Plural form of the vertebrae. A congenital vertebral anomalies as anomalies found in the spinal dog.

Last but not least, the anomaly is a deviation from the normal or common order of things. Anomalies do not always have to be disabled, it's just something that deviates from the norm. An anomaly in the spine but will often cause problems for the dog, because anomalies can make it impossible for the spine works just as it should. A spine anomalies can for example cause spinal cord compression by vertebral canal or causing damage spine stabilized. In some dogs, the number of vertebrae is not true, while the other dogs suffer misshaped vertebrae or spine.

Many different congenital vertebral anomalies have been observed in dogs. Some of the most common examples is Hemivertebrae, Butterfly vertebrae, block vertebrae, spine and Transition.

Hemivertebral in dogs

Hemivertebrae is a problem caused by the lack of reliable blood suppl
y which makes it possible for the bones to form properly. A portion of the spine will not be formed, and the results will be wedge shaped bone that can cause dogs spine angle. Among the many congenital vertebral anomalies identified, hemivertebrae are the most likely to cause neurological problems in dogs. The most common place in the body of this include problem dogs, and when this happens the dog will get screw-shaped tail.

Some dogs trah hemivertebrae are more likely to develop than others, including Pugs, Boston Terriers, and both French and English Bulldogs. Sometimes young Bulldog puppy died hemivertebrae.

Butterfly vertebral in dogs

In normal dogs, notochord subsided for bone development and is still the center of the disk invertebral. In dogs with butterfly vertebrae, the notochord is not properly abated. The result looks like a butterfly when it appears on the x-ray, the spine butterfly names. This anomaly rarely cause any symptoms.

Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pugs are more likely to be born with Butterfly vertebrae compared with other purebred dogs.

Restrictions vertebral in dogs

Vertebral block is a condition in which the spine segmentation is not appropriate. Part of the bone, or the entire spine, added together, and this can lead to an angel in a dog butt. In most dogs, the bone block does not cause symptoms.


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