Friday, May 11, 2012

Breeds Pomeranian Dogs

As mentioned above, the ancestors of the Pomeranians, where sled dogs living in Iceland and Lapland, Scandinavia. Finally, samples of these dogs were brought to Pomerania in continental Europe, where where they were selectively bred to be more like a pet. The modern day Pomerania not come into existence until 19 XXI century. Previously, Pomeranians animals much larger and modern Pomeranian is small because of extensive selective breeding. British farmers usually credited to the smallest, and also for adding lots of new colors. Foxy really caught breeding in England, when Queen Charlotte became fashionable among the nobility of Pomerania English. The trend was further strengthened when his niece Victoria brought a Pomeranian she has returned from a vacation in Florence.

When choosing among the many Pomeranian breeders is important to choose a good breeder, trying to develop healthy and well socialized dogs. Puppy owners of mills and other irresponsible breeders Pomeranian Pomeranians are often bred without regard to health and the genetic parents, and that the practice increases the risk of getting a Pomeranian. Sometimes health problems do not manifest until the dog is several years, so buying a puppy seems healthy Pomeranian is no guarantee in any way.

Two of the most serious health problems inherited from Pomeranians are collapsing trachea and patent ductus arteriosus (failure of the chimney). Luxing patella is also common, but much less dangerous, since it is only a dislocated kneecap. Other common problems in Pomeranians are nonlethal dry eyes, tear duct disorders and cataracts, but although not life threatening but serious as it can cause blindness. These problems can occur as early as adulthood. Skin problems, including allergies, are common in the Pomeranian dog breed. Other examples of health problems that reputable breeders Pomerania strive to minimize the risk of epilepsy, follicular dysplasia (alopecia X), hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia. Hip dysplasia syndrome and Legg-Calvé-Perhes Pomeranians can occur, but since Fox is such that the small breed risk is not high at all.

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